Meeting Great People

Over the past couple of weeks at Chance, we’ve had the pleasure of meeting some awesome people.

The first being Nicolas Garibotti, CEO at Del Angel FEG/Fenix Entertainment Group. Nicolas was introduced to me by a mutual friend. He runs a production company and manages several great artists including @gretchen_music who has broken through to the top of the Latin American Billboard charts and just signed a record deal with a major label. 

I spoke to Nicolas about how his artists could leverage Chance as a tool to visually engage with their fans. We bounced ideas back and forth as I demoed the product itself to him. Feedback was great.

He can’t wait for his artists to leverage Chance, which he feels is especially powerful as it could enhance Gretchen’s existing Twitter efforts to engage. We can’t wait either!


With Nicolas Garibotti and our mutual friend Matias at Delano, Miami Beach.

Here’s gorgeous Gretchen’s latest single Tu Princesa

How many guys out there want to meet her now? Well hang tight, she might just be on Chance very soon. :O)

Another person I had the pleasure of sharing some Ceviché with recently was Mayer Mizrachi, CEO and Founder of Hash, who just released a fantastically well designed app that could be the future of boring old MMS. I bounced the Chance idea off Mayer who shared his amazing story with me (that’s probably another post for another day) and how the Hash app came to be. We exchanged notes on product design, development and App Store success in general.


With Mayer Mizrachi, the Panamanian CEO & Founder of Hash.

We’re fortunate enough to be meeting all these fantastic people as we evangelise the Chance phenomenon.

We can’t wait to make all of this commonplace through our app, where everyone will have the opportunity to have and discover great interactions with great people.

Abhijit Gupta 
Founder & CEO

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